fir oil for wrinkles

Fir oil has long been very actively used by dermatologists and cosmetologists around the world. It has many useful properties that allow you to use the remedy for the treatment of wounds and various kinds of rashes. In addition, fir oil is used to rid the face of wrinkles. And judging by the numerous positive reviews, it helps almost better than branded creams and expensive salon procedures.

The benefits of fir oil for the face

This is a very valuable substance. Fir oil is not too thick, it has a rather pleasant and unobtrusive coniferous smell. It contains a large amount of vitamin, microelements and other useful substances, thanks to which it can have an antiseptic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, protective effect.

Fir oil from wrinkles can be used due to its rejuvenating, smoothing, tonic effects. If you use the product regularly, puffiness will disappear, blood microcirculation will improve. In addition, the oil will provide the epidermis with reliable protection against dehydration.

How to use fir oil for the face?

A big advantage of any essential oils is ease of use. It is enough just to dilute a few drops of the product with water or herbal decoction, and the healing mixture is ready. This principle is also relevant for fir oil. The solution should be gently rubbed on the skin several times a week.

If you want something more sophisticated, you can use fir oil for the face in combination with wheat germ oil, retinol and tocopherol. All components must be mixed in one bowl in a small amount. The liquid should not be too thick. Apply it on a pre-cleansed face for about thirty minutes, and then rinse under running water.