face clay by skin type

Cosmetic clay is a rich source of microelements, besides it has strong absorbent properties, which has a beneficial effect on the metabolic processes in the skin. But of all the existing types of clay, you need to choose one or two that are right for you. Let’s talk about how clay is useful for skin types. After all, white and green are not the same thing at all!

Which clay is suitable for oily skin?

To date, in nature, there are several types of clay suitable for use for cosmetic purposes:

  • white;
  • blue;
  • green;
  • yellow;
  • black.

Almost all of them cleanse the skin of the face well, absorb excess sebum and have a slight disinfecting effect. And, therefore, suitable for owners of oily and problem skin. But still, some types in this case are preferable.

The best option for oily skin is white clay. She has an antiseptic effect, as well as pore-constricting properties. In addition, white clay refreshes the complexion and gives the skin tone. But it is important to remember – it can not be used for acne and suppuration. These problems are best solved with blue clay. It has the strongest disinfecting effect, and is also the richest in natural minerals. As a result of using this clay, regeneration processes in tissues will go much faster.

Which clay is suitable for dry skin?

Dealing with which clay is best for dry skin is more difficult. Definitely, cosmetologists recommend for dry and aging skin only black clay mined in the depths of the sea. It is quite oily and does not have a drying effect at all. Other clays, let a little, but make the skin dryer. This means that they should be supplemented with powerful moisturizing care.

red clay

Recommended for those with skin prone to allergies and irritations. In combination with white clay, the most optimal option is obtained – pink clay, which will improve the complexion and not provoke inflammation.

green clay

Rich in iron, so it is used as a nourishing mask, which clay is suitable for oily skinas well as to accelerate hair growth.

yellow clay

Contains both iron and silicon. It also perfectly strengthens hair and nails. On the face, it can be used by owners of normal skin type. This clay has a strong tonic effect and smoothes fine wrinkles.

gray clay

Also suitable for those with normal skin. This is a mixture of white and black clay, perfectly cleansing and moisturizing the skin.