eyelash lamination

Lamination of eyelashes is a new procedure that has already managed to prove itself on the positive side. Read more about how eyelash lamination is done, whether it is harmful, and what is the effect of this procedure, we will consider further.

The essence of the eyelash lamination procedure

Eyelash lamination is also often called keratin due to the fact that one of the main elements of the composition for this procedure is keratin. As you know, keratin is a protein that serves as the basis of hair and eyelashes, and the thicker the layer of this substance, the healthier and more beautiful they look.

The active keratin component simultaneously envelops the outside and penetrates deep into the cilia, restoring damage caused by harmful environmental influences, improper care or poor-quality cosmetics. As a result, the damaged structure of eyelashes is restored and strengthened, their growth is stimulated. The keratin film formed on the surface of the eyelashes provides shine and maintains a normal level of moisture.

In addition, the eyelash lamination contains ingredients such as vitamins and organic ingredients that strengthen eyelashes, increase their flexibility and prevent damage. Also, these substances are able to start the growth process of the so-called dormant eyelash follicles, which are in a protracted resting phase.

Lamination of eyelashes contributes not only to healing and improving the appearance of eyelashes, but also to protecting them from the action of negative factors – severe frost, hard water, sunlight, etc.

The duration of the procedure is about one hour, and the effect lasts for 2-3 months (as the eyelashes naturally renew themselves).

Eyelash lamination at home

This procedure can be performed not only in beauty salons, but also at home on your own, having mastered a simple technique and purchasing a set (materials) for eyelash lamination. For example, such funds from Yumi Lashes are popular.

The procedure for laminating eyelashes is as follows:

  1. Deep cleaning and degreasing of eyelashes is carried out to ensure better penetration of substances.
  2. Protection of the skin of the eyelids – treatment with an emollient and smoothing agent (you can use a moisturizer for the skin around the eyes).
  3. Attachment of silicone pads, along which the eyelashes are combed up to give them a bend.
  4. Applying a fixing serum to the eyelashes, which fills their structure, thickens, lengthens and serves as the basis for coating the eyelashes with a coloring composition (pigment).
  5. Coating eyelashes with a pigment, the shade of which is selected depending on the type of appearance (five different shades have been developed for this).
  6. Saturation of cilia with keratin.

After the procedure, it is forbidden to wet the eyes during the day.

The effect of eyelash lamination:

  • increase in length (due to thickening and staining of the tips);
  • thickening of the eyelash structure;
  • increase in volume (density) of eyelashes;
  • persistent saturated color of eyelashes;
  • giving eyelashes a bend;
  • effect of “open look”.

Eyelash lamination – pros and cons

Eyelash lamination has many advantages, especially when compared with other eyelash procedures (extension, curling, etc.). Namely, among the advantages of technology, the following can be distinguished:

  1. After eyelash lamination, you can sleep in any comfortable position, visit the sauna and swimming pool, use lenses and any cosmetics.
  2. keratin lamination of eyelashes

  3. The procedure has no medical contraindications and does not harm natural eyelashes.
  4. Natural look of eyelashes after the procedure.
  5. No need for daily eyelash coloring after the procedure.

The procedure is not recommended during pregnancy and in case of inflammatory eye diseases.

Considering the above and evaluating customer feedback on the eyelash lamination procedure, we can conclude that this technology has no negative aspects, except for a rather high cost.