eyebrow piercing

To unite Bill Kaulitz, Fergie and Christina Aguilera, in addition to a pop career? But it is enough to look at their portraits to notice that everyone has an eyebrow piercing.

The contented piercing fashion trend quickly moved from stellar personalities to their fans. Piercing has long been one of the most popular body decoration options, and eyebrow piercings have become a favorite among those who want to draw attention to their eyes.

Is it possible to do eyebrow piercing?

Yes, eyebrow piercing is not strictly prohibited, but the piercing should be carried out by an experienced specialist, since the optic nerve passes through the “puncture territory”, and in order not to hurt it, you need to have knowledge in the field of anatomy. You should not carry out an eyebrow piercing with a novice master, as he may not know where to pierce an eyebrow without consequences. In order not to touch the nerve, the eyebrow is pierced vertically or diagonally, but closer to the temple. It is unlikely that the master will pierce the eyebrow in the area from the bridge of the nose to the middle of the eyebrow, since in addition to the optic nerve, this area has a large number of biologically active points that can be touched during a puncture.

Salons where you can pierce an eyebrow should have a good reputation, because not only the appearance, but also the health of their customers depends on the quality of their work.

Consequences of eyebrow piercing

If you decide to get this type of piercing, be aware of the consequences:

  • For people with a weakened immune system, eyebrow piercing is contraindicated. Perhaps the rejection of jewelry, the occurrence of allergic reactions and every desire of the body to get rid of a foreign body, accompanied by a general deterioration in the state of the body;
  • the possibility of damage to the optic nerve is fraught with visual impairment;
  • blood poisoning is a consequence that frightens everyone who decides to get a tattoo or piercing.

If the decision to make a piercing is final, you need to decide and choose jewelry for the eyebrow piercing. It can be rings, earrings, rhinestones. It is not advised to use hanging jewelry, as they can cling to sweaters or pillows and injure skin tissues.

Types of eyebrow piercing

In many ways, the choice of jewelry depends on the type of piercing:

  • a vertical puncture is not common, it is better to choose a decoration for it that is not particularly voluminous, otherwise it will cling to clothes and hair;
  • diagonal puncture is the most common. Usually beautiful jewelry with a pebble of a contrasting color is selected for it;
  • a horizontal piercing is a puncture under or above the brow bone. With this type of puncture, an earring in the eyebrow, rings, pebbles, etc. can be used;
  • a puncture under the eye, in the upper part of the cheek, is also referred to as an eyebrow piercing. Usually take the least eye-catching jewelry.

How is the puncture procedure?

Many are interested in whether it hurts to pierce an eyebrow. Pain sensations depend on the individual pain threshold, the experience of the master and the puncture site. Punctures on the bridge of the nose are the most painful, punctures in the area of ​​​​the eyebrow from the middle to the end, the “tail” of the eyebrow are practically not felt and are carried out even without anesthesia. types of eyebrow piercingBut in any case, blood will flow, which will finally stop only after the wound has healed. Usually, healing occurs the next or second day after the puncture. If one of the larger blood vessels is affected, a bruise may occur.

After the procedure, the skin will recover for some time. Redness can last 4 days, increased sensitivity of the skin at the puncture site will persist for 2 weeks. All these consequences will pass after the final healing of the wound, which, with proper care, will take no more than 2 weeks.