Cream for wrinkles around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is much thinner and more sensitive than the skin of the face, and, consequently, wrinkles in this area appear earlier. Since it is very difficult to smooth out wrinkles, cosmetologists advise starting care for problem areas at a young age, even before they appear. To do this, you can use a serum, gel or cream for wrinkles around the eyes. Serum and gel differ from the cream in a lighter composition, suitable for those prone to allergies and irritations, and are also recommended when wearing contact lenses. The cream for wrinkles around the eyes differs from the usual cream in composition and consistency, and also necessarily passes an ophthalmological examination. But, when using cosmetic preparations, you need to understand that if wrinkles occur around the eyes, even the best cream will not be able to help if initially skin care procedures were carried out incorrectly or not in a timely manner. Of course, the quality of the cosmetics used also plays an important role in the struggle to preserve youthful skin. With the current variety of cosmetic preparations, you need to know what the composition and quality of the cream should be in order to achieve optimal results.

Wrinkle Eye Cream

Unlike a regular face cream, an eye cream should not contain a large amount of active ingredients so as not to irritate more sensitive skin. Anti-wrinkle eye cream should be light in consistency so that the skin does not stretch when applied.

In a high-quality cream, the acid-base balance is the same as that of a human tear, so when it gets into the eyes, the cream does not irritate the mucous membrane.

The content of preservatives in the cream is necessary, but sometimes, with increased sensitivity, they can cause allergic reactions. In such cases, you will have to look for a cream without preservatives, but keep in mind that when using such a cream, you must carefully monitor so that bacteria do not get into the container. The cream is applied only with clean hands on the cleaned surface, the tube must not be left open. It is not recommended to buy a cream without preservatives in jars, since in such a container the risk of bacteria entering increases.

Beauticians advise using creams with UV protection only during the daytime, and for night use it is better to choose a cream without a UV filter.

To increase the effectiveness of the cream, oil from the seeds of grapes, avocados, almonds, wheat germ, jojoba can be added.

Anti-aging eye cream for wrinkles

Anti-wrinkle eye cream for 30 years is significantly different from the cream for 20 or 40 years. The thing is that each age is characterized by certain features of the skin, and cosmetic companies are developing products with these features in mind. Anti-aging cream for young skin is necessary to maintain elasticity and firmness, as well as to moisturize. Cream for sagging skin contains tightening ingredients that are not recommended for young skin. Anti-wrinkle creams for 40-45 years old are aimed not only at moisturizing and nourishing the skin, they also contain special substances that hide wrinkles. Using a cream that is not age appropriate may not give any results, and also lead to more intense wrinkle formation.

Lifting cream for wrinkles around the eyes

Lifting eye cream for wrinkles increases muscle tone, thereby tightening the skin. It is recommended to use such a cream from 35-40 years old, depending on the condition of the skin. Using a facelift on young skin can backfire.

Cream for bags and circles under the eyes

The reasons for the appearance of bags or circles under the eyes can be health problems, lack of sleep, as well as genetic conditioning. Cream from circles under the eyes cannot solve internal problems, but it can mask or temporarily bring the skin of the eyelids in order. Also, the cream for circles under the eyes contains special components that improve blood circulation in the problematic part, so it can be an aid to combat swelling or bags under the eyes.

How to apply wrinkle cream around the eyes?

Proper use of cosmetics significantly affects the final result. How to apply eye creamBefore applying eye cream, clean your skin well. The cream is applied only along the massage lines, as this prevents excessive stretching of the skin. On the upper eyelid, the cream is applied from the bridge of the nose to the temple, on the lower eyelid, the cream must be applied in the opposite direction. The movements should be light, patting, it is impossible to rub the cream into the eyelids, so as not to damage the skin. As a rule, the cream is applied in the morning and in the evening, but for young and elastic skin, a single application may be sufficient. The application of the cream can be combined with a light massage, which is very useful in preventing the formation of wrinkles.

To achieve the highest quality result, it is best to ask a professional cosmetologist for advice on an anti-wrinkle cream around the eyes, who will be able to choose the best option based on the age and individual characteristics of the skin.