face cream for oily skin

Oily skin needs a quality moisturizer, otherwise acne will form on it. In addition, sebum will clog pores, which causes irritation and blackheads. What kind of face cream to choose for oily skin so that it maintains the water balance it needs and remains radiant, but not shiny?

Cream for oily skin Vichy Aqualia Thermal

Vichy Aqualia Thermal is an excellent mattifying and moisturizing cream for oily skin. It has a light texture and is instantly absorbed. This cosmetic product literally in a few seconds softens the skin and carefully protects it from external irritants.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal contains thermal water and hyaluronin (active). Thanks to this, the cream not only perfectly moisturizes the skin, but also perfectly absorbs sebum. As a result, oily sheen disappears for a long time. With regular use of this cream, the skin becomes softer and smoother, and all peeling and redness disappear.

Cream for oily skin Nivea Visage

Nivea Visage Matte Perfection is one of the best face creams for oily skin. It contains natural extracts of lemongrass and rice. This tool normalizes the sebaceous glands, mattifies and maintains a good level of moisture. With Nivea Visage you can:

  • protect skin from UV rays;
  • intensively moisturize the skin without clogging enlarged pores;
  • eliminate oiliness.

Using this nourishing face cream for oily skin, you will prevent various early signs of aging and restore collagen fibers.

Cream for oily skin Natura Siberica

What to do if you often experience irritation and peeling? Which cream is suitable for sensitive oily skin? You need to use an organic product without mineral face cream for oily skin listoils, silicones, synthetic dyes and fragrances. It is best to choose Natura Siberica cream. It is based on the extract of Sophora japonica. Due to this, this tool protects the skin from various external influences, provides it with deep hydration and eliminates oily sheen. In addition, it significantly reduces the risk of various redness and acne.

Natura Siberica is included in the list of the best face creams for oily skin, as it contains a complex of natural phytopeptins that stimulate the natural production of collagen. This helps to keep the skin fresh for a long time.