collagen hydrolyzate

Collagen hydrolyzate is a chemical substance in the form of a light powder, which is obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of a collagen molecule. As you know, collagen is a protein that is the main structural unit of cartilage, dermis, blood vessels, tendons, etc. and providing elasticity and strength. The lack of collagen in the body leads to the development of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, dental problems, visual impairment and many other pathological processes in the body. Also, this causes a lot of cosmetic problems, which is especially unpleasant for women.

Collagen hydrolyzate in facial cosmetics

The collagen hydrolyzate powder is widely used by the cosmetology industry as a component of the composition of creams for the skin of the eyelids and face. In general, such products are recommended for mature skin, which gradually loses collagen with age. However, many of these creams are also intended for use by young girls whose skin suffers from dryness, dehydration, lack of elasticity.

When wondering if collagen hydrolyzate in a face cream will be useful for your skin, you should familiarize yourself with what effect it has on dermal tissues. With regular use, collagen hydrolyzate products contribute to:

  • renewal of skin cells;
  • improvement of the functional state of the skin;
  • regeneration of skin cells;
  • healing of microdamages;
  • maintaining normal water-lipid balance of the skin;
  • increase skin tone and elasticity;
  • elimination of shallow wrinkles;
  • improvement of complexion;
  • stimulate the production of your own collagen.

Collagen Hydrolyzate with Vitamin C

collagen hydrolyzate with vitamin c

Today, there are a considerable number of nutritional supplements with collagen hydrolyzate, which also include vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in their composition. The intake of such drugs is recommended mainly as additional means in the treatment of diseases of the bones and joints, for preventive purposes, as well as for active sports. When taken internally, collagen hydrolyzate is quite well absorbed and helps to compensate for the lack of collagen in the body. Vitamin C at the same time also has a positive effect on the state of connective, bone and cartilage tissues, performs the properties of an antioxidant, and participates in the synthesis of its own collagen.