Braces or aligners: consider the features of the two systems

Healthy teeth and a smooth smile line are one of the basic conditions for an attractive appearance. If nature has not awarded the perfect dentition, this can be corrected with the help of modern technologies. Recently, there have been disputes between specialists and patients. On one scale they put braces, which are familiar and have already proven their effectiveness. Aligners on the second cup. A relatively new technology involving the wearing of transparent caps, which are also no less effective. And yet, these options for correcting the bite and positioning of the teeth are different. Let’s figure out what the cardinal difference is and what solution will be optimal.

Fundamental differences between the two systems

The first thing patients need to know is information about the possibility of removing aligners. Braces are worn once and until the end of treatment. They are worn during meals, sleep, hygiene procedures, etc. This imposes certain difficulties on the process. So, while wearing braces, you have to limit yourself to food. You can not eat solid foods (nuts, whole apples, dryers, crackers), sticky foods like toffee, soft bread, chewing gum, and anything else that contains dyes. Soda, chocolates, bars – you can forget about it. Such food gets stuck in the system, is not cleaned out, upsets the balance and causes an increased risk of tooth decay. Particularly hard elements can damage the locks, which will require additional funds for restoration.

All these problems go away if the patient chooses aligners. These transparent caps are worn almost around the clock. However, the exceptions are meals and hygiene procedures. That is, the patient calmly eats what he likes, no food is clogged into the elements of the system. Oral care also takes place as usual. This is one of the arguments that people take into service when choosing braces or aligners. The latter are removed when necessary – and therefore there are much fewer problems with them.

Aligners: high level of comfort

Another significant plus is that such products are barely noticeable on the teeth. From a short distance, they are almost invisible. Even the most modern braces do not give such an effect. You can also cite as an example a system that is placed on the inside of the teeth. The smile line is clean and there are no traces of treatment. But is this option really that good? Such decisions are often accompanied by minor injuries, the patient may rub his tongue, constantly experience discomfort. You have to pay dearly for beauty. Against this background, the aligners look very advantageous. They are absolutely safe and do not cause injury. Smooth, tight-fitting, neat, these systems are ideal for both the look and feel of the patient.

Individual production

The fact that the aligners fit perfectly on the teeth is the merit of digital technology. Carefully designed programs allow you to set the required dimensions without the slightest error. The production of structures is carried out according to American technologies at proven enterprises. An individual approach allows you to achieve the highest quality correction of the problem. Aligners are also good because the patient gets used to them very quickly. Particularly sensitive people will spend several days on this, but usually one day is enough to completely forget about the presence of an additional element in the mouth.

When choosing between braces and aligners, patients who rely on efficiency, safety, aesthetics and comfort prefer the latter. No wonder this American development is so popular around the world.

The article was prepared with the participation of the Invisalign International Orthodontic Center.