blush brush

Blush is used by almost all women, because they give naturalness to makeup and are able to correct facial features. It is very important not only to apply blush correctly, but also to choose the right brush for this. Some women do not understand why choose a brush if it is included with the blush itself. And they do this because in almost all cases these brushes are not of very good quality, and it is very difficult to make an attractive make-up with them. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase one good “tool”, or a set of brushes, and use it for a long time.

How to choose a blush brush?

When choosing the best blush brush, it is important to pay attention to several criteria:

  • pile quality;
  • brush strength;
  • brush shape.


Brushes can be with natural or artificial bristles. Today, high-quality artificial material is not inferior in its properties to natural, so the origin of the pile often does not play any role. The main thing is that it is soft and does not shed, and when using it, there is no discomfort. Therefore, when choosing a brush, you need to shake it to check the second criterion. Feel free to check the pile on your hand, preferably on your wrist. If it seems to you that the product is fully consistent with the wishes, then purchase it. But know that it is not always possible to buy what is right for you the first time.


Next, we will discuss the strength of the brush. The leg should be tight, that is, not bend, and the fastening of the pile should hold it tightly. This will guarantee you a long tool life.

how to choose a blush brush

The form

The third criterion – the shape of the brush, also answers the question of which brush to apply blush. Depending on how you apply blush, you need to choose a brush:

  1. If you are shading them over a large surface of the face, then it is better to choose a round brush.
  2. If you are a supporter of clear lines, but sometimes allow yourself to slightly shade cosmetics, then it is better to opt for a beveled blush brush.
  3. The most versatile option is considered a brush in the form of a spatula. This form allows not only to apply clear lines, but also to shade them to the extent that you need.