black and white nail design

White color on nails is most often associated with French manicure, with its simplicity and elegance at the same time, while black color usually implies a defiant image in some way. Therefore, it can be difficult to use the black and white color scheme in nail design correctly, although the contrasting combination of colors allows you to create very stylish and unusual solutions.

Features of black and white nail design

In principle, with the help of black and white varnish, you can create a nail design suitable for almost any style. But at the same time, there are certain features that must be taken into account.

  1. When using stripes and geometric shapes, the lines should be perfectly even. Any inaccuracy with this combination of colors will immediately catch the eye.
  2. On short nails, a design with a simple combination of black and white colors looks better, without additional patterns (variants of French manicure, monophonic painting of different nails in different colors), patterns that do not occupy the entire nail plate, as well as simple patterns (straight lines, blots, spots , peas).
  3. For extended nails, a black and white design is more demanding. Monochrome or with rare splashes of a different color, painting on long nails does not look good. Floral, complex geometric patterns, chess painting, various wavy lines, alternating colors are considered winning.

Black and white nail design

There are several proven and widely used solutions when using such a palette in a manicure:

  1. Lunar manicure. This is one of the variations of the French manicure, when the nail hole is painted over with white, and the rest of the plate is covered with black varnish.
  2. Chess painting. Staining imitates a chess board.
  3. Lace patterns. In this case, white varnish is used as a base, and a drawing is applied to it with black, thin lines.
  4. Water manicure. He is marble. It gives stains on the nail that look like a marble pattern. Such a manicure got its name because for its application, varnishes of the corresponding colors are dripped into water, they create the desired pattern on its surface, and then nails are dipped in turn into this water, parallel to its surface.
  5. Wavy lines. With this type of manicure, a wavy pattern is usually applied along the surface of the nail, one color on top of another.
  6. Zebra and leopard manicure. Imitates on the nail, respectively, spots or stripes resembling the skin of an animal. It is worth noting that such a manicure is combined with appropriate accessories, but will not look with clothes made in the same style (for example, with a “leopard” dress).