Belly button piercing

Neatly crafted, with an extravagant earring, the navel piercing looks very beautiful. That is why it is so popular with modern girls.

It should be noted that girls with a navel piercing look beautiful and sexy if they are the owners of a toned and beautiful tummy.

How is a navel piercing done?

Belly button piercing is quite simple to perform. It most often represents a vertical puncture of the base of the navel, where the jewelry is inserted. But you can make a few punctures. It all depends on the courage and desires of the girl.

A special needle is used to pierce the belly button. Its peculiarity is that one end of it is thin, and the other is thicker. The procedure is completed in a couple of seconds. The pain is palpable, but tolerable. Immediately after the puncture, an earring made of medical steel is put on. If you use jewelry that is not intended for this purpose as an earring, you can cause severe inflammation of the puncture site. After installing the jewelry, a compress with an antiseptic solution is applied to the piercing.

Navel Piercing Jewelry

In the form of jewelry for navel piercing, both rings and rods are used. Most often, a barbell is placed after the puncture, which must be worn until the end of the healing period.

For navel piercing, a special type of bar was invented – a banana bar (a curved bar).

In addition, simple curved rods, rods with pendants, rings with a ball clasp and others are widely used.

How long does a belly button piercing take to heal?

Navel piercing heals from 2 weeks to several months, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Caring for a navel piercing

During the healing time of the piercing, you will need to carefully monitor the piercing. Regularly rinse the wound with a disinfectant solution and in no case take out the earring. It is only allowed to periodically move the jewelry in the emerging channel to prevent drying. The best sleepwear for this period is a clean cotton T-shirt or T-shirt.

Until the piercing heals, forget about the hot bath, swimming in natural reservoirs and pools. The salt contained in sea water irritates the wound and interferes with the rapid restoration of the skin. Try not to bend over at first. You will need to learn how to dress neatly. Clothing can remove jewelry or damage the skin.

Navel piercing: pros and cons

The main caveats of the navel piercing procedure are related to the place of its implementation.

Piercing, despite its simplicity, is not a cosmetic procedure, but a minor operation, so you need to take it seriously. You should not try to save money and trust yourself to inexperienced craftsmen, “specialists at home”. The consequences of a puncture performed without observing all the precautionary rules can be very sad – various infections, including such serious ones as AIDS.

Navel piercing should be done in specialized salons that have permission for this procedure.

navel piercing jewelry

For any complications that arose during the healing of the navel piercing (permanent discharge, pain that does not stop, redness that does not subside), you should immediately consult a doctor.


It is forbidden to pierce the navel to people suffering from diseases such as: gastritis, sinusitis, stomach ulcers, rheumatism, pancreatitis, colitis and otitis media, as well as chronic skin diseases. Poor blood clotting is one reason not to get pierced, as it can lead to severe inflammation, non-healing wounds, and blood poisoning.