acne on the buttocks in women causes

Acne on the buttocks in women is a very unpleasant problem. In summer, because of them, you won’t put on your favorite bikinis or short shorts for an evening walk on the beach. And in general, they can bring pain when walking and sitting, as well as an ugly appearance, which will be embarrassing even in front of your beloved husband.

Why do women get acne on their buttocks?

The most important thing is to know that such acne is not teenage and will not go away on its own. Therefore, it is worth looking for the reason why they could appear in such an intimate place.

There are such main causes of acne on the buttocks in women:

  1. Dryness or poor functioning of the sebaceous glands in the femoral areas. Due to the lack of sebum secretion, the skin dries out and cracks, as well as constant friction on underwear, clothes and household items contribute to the development of acne in these places.
  2. Keratinization. This term refers to the process of blockage of pores, dead skin cells remain on the body, i.e. the self-cleaning process is disrupted, causing inflammation on the skin and the appearance of acne.
  3. Hormonal problems. Hormonal disorders can manifest as a rash not only on the face, oddly enough, but also on the buttocks.
  4. Passive lifestyle. Gamers, drivers, office workers, etc. often face this problem, so do not forget that sport is health.
  5. Sweating and hypothermia. Very hot weather, congestion of the buttocks, as well as hypothermia, such as sitting on cold ground at a picnic, contribute to the development of abscesses and even boils on the buttocks.
  6. Allergy. In this case, acne on the thighs and buttocks in women may develop due to an allergic reaction to intimate hygiene cosmetics, soap, synthetic underwear, etc.
  7. In some cases, rashes on the priest can talk about poor nutrition and sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, if you are sure that you are not overcooled or your butt is not languishing from the heat, and also do not have allergies, then it is best to contact a dermatologist with this problem.
  8. pimples on buttocks in women

As can be seen from the information described above, the causes of acne on the buttocks in women are very different, so a complete examination of the body, testing will be necessary to effectively combat the rash.

And to prevent their occurrence, it is necessary:

  1. Get not narrow, underwear made from natural fabrics.
  2. Refuse to use leather furniture for a long time or put a cotton towel under the ass.
  3. After each wash, use a moisturizing and nourishing cream for the skin.